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Hey Guys I am very sorry about not fitting the theme I should have thought of it and I should Have built in a mechanic that revolted around the theme and that is 100% my fault and again I am sorry.


really a good game and it so fun but how does fit the theme 


I press F for your first game


How does this have anything to do with the Jam theme? I get the plot, but that doesn't mean anything! That's like saying that a game that I theoretically made had story elements of an Action-Adventure game, but in reality it was some RPG in Korean! Also, all the code is obviously stolen from somewhere! This doesn't make any sense...


i agree with you but this his first jam he will be learning many things form this. so go easy on him;)


abt the code stolen thing yes I did use a few tutorials and I will be posting all the tutorials that I used.  

I 100% did not steal the robots name from Dani

if anyone says other wise then they are lying and the have poop brain